One of the most wonderful aspects of the Christmas holiday is when someone special in your life shows how much they know you with the perfect gift. It isn’t so much the monetary value of the “thing” but a statement of clarity in how well you are known and loved.

My artist daughter got me a number of fossils, and precious pieces that really made my day special but the most beautiful from an artistic perspective were these wonderful Bismuth crystals. In case you have never seen them, they are a naturally forming metallic crystal that forms these amazing shapes while cooling and then oxidation adds the wonderful colors to the surface that you see here.

Not that my own sense of wonder needed reinforcing but once again, this spectacular world we live in found a way to display its beauty through yet another magical form. Beauty is not always animal or vegetable, with mineral clearly shining brightly in such a precious manner.

I hope these images add a little color to your week!

In the most unlikeliest of places

Shopping Centers aren’t the normal epicenter of natural beauty but as I arrived onto a property in Venice just ahead of the sun this morning, I was greeted by a heavenly sight of epic proportions.

Which just goes to prove that all you really need to bring to mother nature’s sunrise party, is an open heart, a waking eye, and a trusty camera by your side.

Hope these add some color into your weekend!

Eight thousand words

I managed to capture the take off of an Osprey the other morning and managed to combine eight images to show the track of his flight.

Having a steady hand and a camera that can shoot 15 images per second can really reinforce the value of digital over film cameras.

There is something about bearing witness to such a wondrous moment that really gives impact to the value of being an early riser.

I am incredibly lucky and hope that this image adds a little wonder to your week.

Father, son, sun …

The other morning, I found myself again down by the lake side waiting to see what the sunrise might grace me with. A father and his son came down to the pier waiting for Grandpa to come by with the bait for the day’s fishing trip.

As I caught them in the golden hue of the rising sun, it reinforced for me what I already knew … that sharing your love of the natural world with those that you love, can be truly a moment worth its weight in gold.

I hope these adds a little color to your day and a welcome thought to your week.

Beyond the petals

After I had taken these shots on Saturday, it struck me how many of us look merely at surface beauty even when we are taking the time to admire our surroundings. Flowers and plants are often taken at face value when we just take a quick glance at the colors and contrasts and shapes that they present.

Sometimes, though, when you look beyond the petals and take the time to explore what may be lying beneath the surface, new worlds open to our senses and we are enriched with visions that often go unnoticed.

Here are a couple of moments that I hope might make you look at things a little differently today and I hope they add a bit of natural elegance into your week.