Pro Choice

I was watching Everest and Lincoln yesterday as they in turn were watching a woodpecker in the trees.

I love all my cats. Dearly, in fact.

But I struggle with understanding why they choose to engage in activities that could lead to a loss of life for some little creature.

“It’s in their nature” is the common answer I get from friends whenever I pose that question and I am sure it is. But they are well fed and have no need to chase littler creatures than they. Both Everest and Lincoln are feral in nature and so, hunting comes naturally to them.

I can talk about it until I am blue in the face but I doubt if they understand my frustration at what they do.

I have rescued many little creatures from their grasp and failed in my rescue attempts at least as many.

I have put a few pics of the predators and prey at the end of the blog and I hope you like them. No one got caught, by the way.

Though it is their choice to chase or not, there is always the option for me to take their choice away. I could, for example, turn them into house cats, or put a noisy bell around their necks so that they can’t surprise anyone.

But either option is incredibly wrong.

So, when yesterday’s decision came from the supreme court, taking women’s choice away from them, it prompted the thought in today’s blog.

If you are fucking stupid enough to think that life begins at conception or at some stage prior to viability, stop reading this now and do me a favor … don’t come to this blog any more.

I have enough fucking idiots in my life, I don’t need any more.

Life is precious and I don’t argue that. I could argue that the life of a self sustaining woodpecker is every bit as important as a human life that is often quite smaller and unable to live by itself (if it were to miraculously exit the womb at that stage).

I reject the proposition that humans are somehow fundamentally better than other animals and just like the cats, there are humans fishing and hunting that don’t need to. I rail about it frequently and appeal to a reason that isn’t there.

So, my thought here today is not about life and death. That is a false narrative. And if you don’t think it is false, then ask yourself why so many of these anti-abortion morons are for the death penalty, against gun control, and couldn’t give a shit about the children born into poverty with families that don’t want them and can’t adequately take care of them.

The answer is simple. These idiots are not anti-abortion. They are anti choice.

They are only happy for people to have the freedom to make a choice, when these people make the same choice as they do. Worship the same false god they do, and live a life that they would choose to live.

They envision a sanitized life where we are all the same color, going to school and then work and then politely dying when we get older and take our place with the angels in the clouds.

These are the same people that extolled the devil in alcohol and brought in prohibition. They railed against the demon-worshippers that listened to rock and roll. They politely devised colored drinking fountains and a lovely atmosphere at the back of the bus for “them folk that the good lord cursed with the wrong skin color”.

You see conservatism by its very nature is against change. It requires that we all happily adapt a principle that was in place when we were born.

“If slaves were good ’nuff fer Granpappy, they is good ’nuff fer me!”

Rejection of anything that involves personal choice comes natural to them. It doesn’t matter whether the choice advances our evolution as a society or not.

In fact, even the word “evolution” causes these people heart palpitations. They don’t even understand that basic level of thought.

As a society, we evolve as we move forward. If you think we are perfect then there is no need to evolve and you probably think that making America great again is quite right. Most thinking people laugh at that concept because while the old America might have been great for a small number of rich white folk, tough shit if you were poor or black.

All forward movement as a society begins with a choice. A choice to change something that is unacceptable.

At some stage, we choose to recognize that people should not be discriminated against because of their skin color. We chose to “allow” women to vote. We chose to press business owners to work towards equal pay even if their workers aren’t all white male.

At each point of choice, the self-righteous conservatives pushed hard against each choice. If god had wanted us all to be equal, he would have made us all white. Women are too silly to vote and they should stay at home raising babies, not working.

If you think this same ridiculous attitude isn’t prevalent today look at all the retards that originally voted for Trump because Hillary was a woman. We can’t have a woman president. What if she gets her period and her hormones go crazy. She could push the red button and then where would we all be?

You think I am making this shit up, don’t you? But just watch the morons being interviewed on YouTube about that whole election. This is the “great” in their maga world.

Anyway, the only time in its existence that America really went through a progressive liberal period was the sixties and seventies. Civil rights and human rights issues finally became visible and government reluctantly moved to accommodate this sudden visibility.

Among the many changes that we jumped ahead on was the right of a woman to chose what happens in her own body.

OK, let’s pause for a moment. Why is that even a question? When does a person’s body stop being theirs? Imagine that we somehow started to regulate what men could do with their bodies. Let’s do something forceful that takes control of a man’s reproductive system. Let’s force sterilization on them once they have fathered “enough babies”. Let’s force them to impregnate someone if they haven’t obliged with the 2.5 children that we need from each male.

I struggle with wrapping my head around why it was up to government in the first place to give any member of society control over their own body.

Is it really still debatable that the female of our species is somehow less than the male? Are you fucking kidding me?

Equality as a concept is about as debatable as whether the earth is round, it revolves around the sun, and it doesn’t have an indefinite supply of fossil fuels.

It is pointless to argue any of those facts with those that believe otherwise. They have decided on their own “alternate facts” and happily live in their own delusions.

While we recoil in horror at the decision in Texas yesterday to ban girls from wearing skirts or dresses within a certain school district they will applaud it. If there was a Christina burka, they would happily promote it as long as it facilitated the grabbing of pussy that their hero is famous for.

So, trying to convince any of these conservative morons on the whole issue of women being at least as capable as men, is a waste of time. Their good book tells them that Eve was made from a rib of Adam and therefore inferior to him. If Adam could have been happy with just jacking off and squirting babies out his asshole, there would have been no need for women in the first place. Fucking ridiculous.

Therefore who is really to blame for the mammoth step backwards that we took yesterday? It is not the supreme court, the republicans, or the morons that vote conservatives repeatedly into positions of power. These people are only following their own misguided notion of what is right. These people are entitled to be as fucking stupid as they are.

No, the responsibility for what happened lies firmly on those liberals and progressives that are too lazy to get off their ass and vote people into power that represent their viewpoint. These are the same lazy bastards that will again not show up at the poles in November and will allow their view on life to be railroaded by the more-active retards and their maga hats.

But they will happily bitch and moan to each other about government policies later. They will talk in their coffee shops about how fucking useless their members of congress are and how weak their president is. Yet they won’t make a single effort to get off their ass and empower these people with a solid majority or a clear mandate.

Quite whining and start voting … lazy fucking bastards!

… just a thought!