"Photographs Included!"

What started as a simple quest to give a window into the outside world to my hospital-bound father, developed into an unquenchable passion to unearth every ounce of beauty that Florida cares to show me.

This site and all my photo work is dedicated to my Mam and Dad. They walk with me and share the joys of the natural world with me.

2023 Projects

  • Long ExposureI've played with this in the past and plan to take it up a notch. Read more ...
  • Photo ArtExperimental is the name of the game and though it isn't my strength, I am eager to learn.  Read more ...
  • PeopleVoluntary of not, my plan is to create more images using people and delve into the editorial. Read more ...



Circle B Bar Reserve
A variety of trails for whatever mood I'm in ...


Lettuce Lake
Relaxing boardwalk trail that gently meanders with you at your own pace ...


Lake Parker
Only a stones throw from home but a quick escape for the soul ...


Ballast Point
Best place to catch the sun rise in Tampa ...

My Work

I've unwittingly become that boring nature enthusiast who repeatedly tries to convince everyone that we must cherish the natural world around us and breathe in its vibrance into our souls. Immersed in the trails and waters of Florida (a veritable treasure trove of the natural world) I find peace and joy in every footstep and every image along the way. Each adventure leaving me with a greater appreciation for this beautiful piece of the planet and how lucky I am to be alive and aware of it.

For those who seek their heaven in the sky, I smile in the knowledge that I have found mine here on earth.



Beauty Abounds
From the humblest plant to the most exotic creature, I find beauty in every crevasse and shadow and it kisses my soul.


Decadent Immersion
Each trail or scene, each image captured, may thrill me ... but can never satiate my lust of this natural world.