My Work. What am I trying to do?

My approach to the natural world is try to repeatedly look at it in ways that are different and interesting. I'm not so much aiming at diversity in the types of things that I take pictures of, but diversity in the way that I look at them.

I hope by looking at these things (creature and environment) that I will develop a greater understanding of how they interact and that I can share these views with friends and family and social media. In so doing, I am hoping that others will develop an expanded taste or appreciation for the environment and for the life that exists all around us.

Through this taste and appreciation, I hope that we can develop more champions within humanity that become actively involved in spreading the word that we only have one planet and it is a beautiful one. It is worth saving. And it is definitely worth our respect.

I find that the more I photograph plants and creatures, the more I go out of my way to protect and sustain them. From the menial weed to the most intricate creature. They are all equally important and like us, they are an important part of the world we live in.

So if one of my photographs ends us telling a tale or influencing a single person to treat this world just a little bit better than they did before they saw it, then my job here is done. It's as simple as that.

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