Crazy Skies

It was a typical late-summer evening in central Florida. Evening thunderstorms were in the area but I was already on my way to bed for another early night.

But when I climbed the stairs to the bathroom, the outside darkness lit up with such a flash that it was a moment of almost daylight.

Me being me, I ran back downstairs, grabbed my camera and headed off to the ball fields to see if I could catch something on camera.I love shooting lightning. Depending on areas of warm or cold in the sky, it creates a different color with each flash and makes for some really exciting moments

Normally these flashes are somewhat in the distance for me, but this time they were all around me, flashing to the left, to the right, to the front, and to the back. I got lots of cool shots, including what I call my terminator shot (check out the nightskies portfolio and you will see it there.)

But the most memorable moment for me was when I left the camera on tripod with a remote trigger and I walked towards where the skies seemed most active. Then I held my hands aloft and called on the gods to light the skies a little more for me.

That's when I got the above shot. I remember thinking wouldn't it be cool if the lghtning struck me as the remote trigger took the shot. What a way to go and what a picture it would have been. At least I got this one, right?



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