Sony Proud

Since I picked up my very first digital camera, I have been a Sony devotee. They say your first love stays with you forever and my original Sony Mavica with its tiny digital images being saved directly onto a floppy disk is almost laughable now. But it saw me cut my teeth with very awkward moves.

Over the years I progressed through some Sony mid-lines cameras, like the F707 and the a3000 and today's collection of cameras are all Sony Alphas. My oldest being the Alpha 65, mid-camera being the Alpha 68, main back-up is the Alpha 77 Mark II, and my true love is the Alpha 7iii.

The A7iii is my first full-frame sensor and while it narrowed my field of view a little, the increased sensor sensity for low light is worth its weight in gold.

Their wonderful performance and seriously excellent companion lenses (all Sony) more than compensate for my clumsy attempts to take pictures. And if they can make me look good, imagine what the can do for a good photographer!

I would heartily recommend Sony to any budding photographer and would happily give advice to anyone trying to figure out what to buy versus their available funds.


I shoot everything within a range of 11mm to 600mm. Have a few zooms that span the range as well as some fixed lenses at. They are all Sony, of course.

It took me a little while to stabilize myself off-tripod at the 600mm lens but after hanging in there, I realized that it can be done. It's a heavy lens, though, to take on a long trail. So, if you are getting one, start your weight-lifting training now.



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