A perfect start to the weekend

As I drove to the trails first thing this morning, I pulled in and caught this lovely moment that I had to share.

The soft mist of the distant field and the wetness of the close ground, seemed to magically transform as the sun threatened to break the horizon.

I was so glad I pulled in for it … even just a tiny moment like this can help transform your outlook for the rest of the day. I hope this goes someway to brightening your week for you!


65 Million years ago this was a creature living in the waters off what is now called Morocco. Today it found its way into the hands of an old Irish fossil, living in Florida.

The enormity of the situation wasn’t lost on me and truly gave me pause to ponder about how as humans we live our lives as if we are the most important creatures ever to have lived on the planet and yet human existence in itself is barely noticeable on the true timeline of the planet.

And so, I wanted to give you pause for a moment and entice you to think about how you are treating this day of yours and whether perhaps the significance is not so much in what we leave behind us, but the love and kindness we share with others while we are here.

… just a thought!

Breathe it all in and make the most of your “now”.

This morning at the lake

Sunrise is the promise of a new day. It can add a bit of optimism into your life, help heal a past wound, or even just give your heart some respite from a recent beating. With my Mom passing yesterday, this sunrise was all of the above for me.

I lit a candle to her and had a little chat as the sky burst into flames to celebrate her life. She was a wonderful woman and (as my Dad also) was a huge inspiration in my nature photography for the past number of years. The natural world when you open your heart to it, is a wonderful reminder that death is just a part of life and should not be feared. But rather, life should be celebrated.

I felt she was there with me in some fashion this morning and so I just wanted to share the view with a few special people that would appreciate it …

Just before sunrise

There is a wonderful moment that occurs just before sunrise each day, when the horizon begins to define and the day seems open to endless possibilities.

As I stood by the lake this morning, lost in such thought, I realized that no matter how singular we may think we are in our moment, there are always others sharing the same hopes for their own new day.

Enjoy your day and may it bring some wonderful moments along the way!


There are moments when we seek to find treasure and there are moments when it seeks to find us. But even when it finds us, we still have to take a moment to notice it or even pick it up.

This little one found me today and I thought I would share. A friendly Blue Jay dropped it my way this morning.

Yesterday on the trail

When the camera opens up a view on things that seem to be completely hidden from the naked eye … that’s when you have to stop and ask yourself are you even really looking in the first place!

In fairness, the drops in these images are so miniscule that they almost didn’t exist. But I am happy that they do exist and that I am able to share them with you to help start your week off in the right vein.


It wasn’t the most spectacular sunset ever but there was something very serene in the warm orange glow as the sun melted behind the clouds, over at Honeymoon Island on Friday night.

I thought I should share in hopes that it adds a little color to the week ahead for you!

A very deer friend

She sleeps in my yard now most nights, visits me several times a day, and the other morning (before I had my camera in hand), she walked her new born fawn across my back yard. I’ve begun a dialog with her and while I stay about ten feet back from her, she happily munches away while I tell her how beautiful she is.

As I head into another week, I wanted to bring a little innocent beauty into yours. Meet Mrs. Brisby, a very deer friend … and have a wonderful week!

Late night pic

Found myself in the company of some fun people on Friday night and when we can across some abandoned sand castles at Siesta Key, I asked them to imagine themselves as Gargoyles while a light source ran rampant behind them.

Not my normal nature pic I know, but hopefully this will help brighten your week!

All the best and remember … we’ve made it through Monday already!