My Favorite Places

There are a number of places within close striking distance that I go to for different type shoots. Here are the top four that spring to mind and the reasons that I choose them. If you find yourself looking for a location to shoot nature, try these out. And tell the herons that I said hello!

Most of the shots on this site are taken at these locations but others come from Demens Landing, St. Pete Pier and boat docks, Hillsborough River state park, Downtown Tampa, and (most recently) the Wild Atlantic Way, along the south and west coastline of Ireland.

For such an off-putting name, Circle B is one of the very best locations in central Florida. It is teaming with wildlife, more alligators than you can shake a stick at and a variety of birds that you won't find on any other comparable trail. Bring your walking shoes and get there early. Not only do you get to eperience the creatures as they come alive for the day, but you avoid the loud-mouth tourists that seem to think they are at a theme park.
The wonderful board walk makes for a very gentle and peaceful stroll through some very picturesque and natural scenery. Expanses of water open up along the way and it has a good assortment of wildlife that will tease your lens. But like Circle B, get there early ... screaming kids are not an uncommon feature of the later part of the day.
There are three or four viewpoints along the west shore of this lake that make for great spots to capture the sunrise. The feeling of peace that can be found as the sun comes up on the other side of the lake is really quite special and well worth the early morning journey. Bring your coffee and breathe the morning in.
On the south side of Tampa, there is a wonderful pier that presents an excellent location for taking in the sunrise. They even have some swing seats there where you can relax with your coffee and watching the morning colors as they play out across the horizon.

Care to join me?

I am always happy to share the joy of the experience with fellow enthusiasts. Whether you have a serious camera, a point and shoot, or just a smart-phone, just let me know if you are planning to be in the area and if the timing works we can meet at one of these spots and share the experience.


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