Wild grasses and weeds

We can become fixated on what things are called rather than what they actually are and often dismiss them if they don’t fall into a convenient category for us.

I have little doubt that almost nobody else at Circle B today bothered to study the grasses and weeds like this old Irish fool, who seemed to spend most of his time crouched down and kneeling in the dirt. But my curiosity paid dividends in the hidden beauty that these lovely little plants so anonymously contributed to a near perfect day.

Though they may indeed be just “weeds” and tiny to the point of being almost invisible …. I thought they are worth sharing.

Hope they add a new perspective into the start of your new week!

King John’s Castle

Built in 1200, King John’s Castle is a centerpiece of any visit to my home city. It was a lovely crisp morning when I took this picture and I wanted to share.

The true value of history lies not in the books we read of stuff like this, but the significance of our own moment in time as compared to the centuries that such a place has already experienced.

Makes you think!

Just back from Ireland

It was a rainy Saturday morning in Limerick and I dragged my brother-in-law and my niece out to the Stone Circle at Grange so they could experience a little history on their visit to Ireland.

This Stone Circle dates from around 2,000 BC and on a soft rainy day like this we had the place to ourselves and a chance to feel the wonderful sense of history that such a special place brings to your soul.

Its builders likely didn’t have wheels and yet moved large boulders great distances. They had limited celestial knowledge (or did they) and yet they perfectly aligned the entrance to the circle so that at daybreak on the summer solstice in June, the early morning  rays would beam through the entrance and directly hit the center point of the circle. They didn’t have drones or satellite views and yet the entrance to this circle and two others in nearby fields formed a perfect isosceles triangle.

For many years, this little spot has been my personal haven … a means to ground myself away from life’s chaos and restore some sense of reality on the relevance of issues that I get to face on a daily basis.

I flew back last night and I hope these three little images help give you room for thought as you go through the rest of your week!