Judge not …

… it was never going to be a pretty sunrise. The thick cloud lay too close to the horizon and the morning had more of a grey than blue tinge to the sky. Patches of fog hugged parts of the trail and the shoreline.

I decided the only real chance at a decent shot was to get in close to the water and try to catch the sun as it broke the horizon before it got swallowed up in the clouds.

I noticed a lone female jogger run past me and disappear into the dimness and the grey fog and I thought “how stupid! Doesn’t she realize how vulnerable she is alone in the gloom of an altogether shady section of town?”

So I leaned down to the water’s edge, holding the camera less than an inch above the water surface. My knuckles were getting wet from the gently lapping water. The continued heavy growls of a large alligator a few feet away from me weren’t enough to change my pose. No, I was intent on getting the right perspective before I missed the sun entirely.

I kneeled there for a good two or three minutes and when I got up , wet knees dripping sandy water back into the lake, a few more growls close by made me snap out of my own stupidity and realize how quickly I judged the jogger while recklessly committing much more of an idiocy.

Isn’t it strange how quick we are to judge those around us, instance to instance on a daily basis, yet convinced in ourselves that we walk on water? My wet knees and dampened ego are testament to the fact that I, for one, don’t!

Have a wonderful week and keep your knees dry ?

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