Little moments

I stood there absorbing the wonderful perfumes of summer blossoms when I noticed a tiny white feather floating past me, riding the gentle breeze. It was only an inch long so no surprise that I momentarily lost it as it took its final journey to the ground below.

I searched the ground around me, convinced that I would spot it again and could take it home as a keepsake. But it had vanished!

In mild-despair, I went back to shooting some of the nearby blooms and there it was, cradled within a tiny shrub whose own delicate flowers had stretched out to break its fall.

Apart from making a cute picture, this tiny moment of soft mystery got me thinking … there must be millions of tiny moments that play around us each and every day. We almost never notice because we are driven to only respond to the big moments that affect us as we go through our busy days. It is only human nature, of course, as spending a day of tip-toeing through the tulips when there is work to be done is more likely to lead to an angry boss than a “meaning of life” moment.

But at the same time, some of these moments can add a genuine sparkle into our day if we just give ourselves the chance to absorb them. Most days on my way to the front door, if there are butterflies around, I stop and hold my hands out like Rio’s famous “redeemer” statue. I just wait a few minutes, arms outstretched, and most days nothing happens. But some days, these fragile little beings will land on my hands and I speak with them.

It is quite possible my neighbors are creating a petition to have me committed, but until that moment I will continue to appreciate life’s little moments.

Hope your week gives you some memorable moments and the time to appreciate them!

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