Dreamers and artists

This evening I am heading back downtown to the Riverwalk camera in hand, and so I revisited some of the pics from  a prior visit a few moments ago. And it made me realize something ….

I am often railing against the effects that humanity has on the planet and not often enough recognizing those who walk among us making the world a richer place. The Dreamers and Artists, the Poets and Songsters, … at the end of the day, these are the people that leave behind traces of positivity of our human race. If humans were to disappear off the planet today, what would the next dominant race look to as a sign that we were here? And what would they see as our real contribution to the planet’s timeline? Would they be impressed by walls and borders? Money in bank? Corporate bodies? Cars and planes?

Even if we only look back on prior generations of humans, what is it from the past that we stare at with wonder? Mechanics and technologies of the past are irrelevant to us. Their monies and organizations, modes of transport, … all outdated and little more than a curiosity.

No, it is their art and dreams that successfully live beyond them; we gaze at their paintings (whether on cave or canvas) and revel in their concepts (pyramids and sphynx).

We need to listen more to the dreamers and artists among us and less to the bullies and money-men. When our children pick up their first crayon and make non-sensical scribbles across a page, we should encourage them. When they proudly sing their first made-up song in front of us, we should applaud them. Somewhere among all the scribbles and notes will form the creative mind of an artist and their creation will enlighten not only the lives of those around them but also those beyond them.

I imagine within Tampa city council the arguments that took place prior to the creation of the Riverwalk. The bullies and money men will have argued about budgets and the need to build a wall to keep all the homeless from invading our city. But in this argument, the artists and dreamers won and their victory brightens the lives of rich and homeless alike.

They have taken an urban setting and enhanced it. They have gone beyond function and this little corner of the world is now a better place for their existence.

Have a wonderful week and allow yourself to dream a little …. Grab a crayon!

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