Crutchless …

Yesterday’s late afternoon adventure took me down to Hollis Gardens in Lakeland and I let the stresses of a tumultuous week fade into the distance while I flitted like a butterfly in amongst the flowers and trees. Attached are a few of my favorite shots. I love having the camera expose macro level views that my aging eyes can no longer see.

I know I could have brought tripod, lights, clamps and I would likely have gotten better pictures, but truth is, I like the challenges of hand-held, close-up shots in a breezy garden. I have seen people with the former type set-up and I often muse as to why they try to shoot something so natural, unnaturally.

In spite of the obvious freedom of hand-held camera, you find yourself struggling against your own breathing, shaky hands, and faltering stance. And to me, that is OK. It’s how I improve my skills.

On my way home. My mind wandered into why some people always seek the easier well-worn path while others repeatedly push up against their own limits.

I arrived at the conclusion that regardless of what your life’s path sets out before you, you are actually best served by throwing off the nearest crutch and finding your own way forward, regardless of the difficulties. In fact, it is often the difficulties that prove to be the greatest part of the experience … giving us the most learning and sense of achievement.

Most successful people will relate that it was through their failures that they learned most. So, if we minimize the likelihood of failure, don’t we also minimize the likelihood of learning?

I guess what I am trying to say this week is to embrace the challenge … make it yours and your life will be all the richer for it.

Don’t for a minute think that yesterday’s experience for me was all sunshine and joy. There were several expletives, groans, and several ounces of petulance that dogged my afternoon there. But at the end of the day, my wins were exactly that … my wins.

Hope you have a winning week!

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