There are moments when I find myself getting dragged under, as the weight of whatever salient issues exist give me no respite.

It is so easy for our knees to buckle in instances like this. And life can seem unbearable and just not worth it.

I am so blessed during times like this to be surrounded by so many little loves as they invariably have a way of grabbing me by the socks and lifting me out of it.

Melancholy has little chance of surviving when you live in a world shared by eleven cats. Someone is always up to something and they have a way of injecting life into the most dead of days.

Yes, it can be a challenge and there are moments I carry the burden of so many little mouths to feed. But I wouldn’t trade a single one away.

Their degree of preciousness to my heart is immeasurable and their value to my soul is priceless.

Yesterday as I was about to leave and get some food for them at Walmart, Daisy was fast asleep on the car roof (hence this shot) and for a moment the madness of my life evaporated and I was consumed in the innocent beauty and her total feeling of safety and peace.

She was lost in some dream and I just stood and absorbed her for a little while.

Gone was the rush that had consumed my mind and the list of things that I needed to get done faded into irrelevance.

This little soul (like many of those in my care) has undergone such a tough existence that brought them my way. A heavily pregnant feral when she arrived in my yard, giving birth underneath my lawnmower. She has survived several health challenges and come shining through them all.

Her spirit is untarnished by her experiences and she is the most loving and gentle you could imagine. And she is a beacon of inspiration to those of us that struggle through the fog of our own life’s challenges.

I look around and see Rocky who survived the most gruesome of dog-attacks, Beauty who kept her eye despite Vet’s advice, and the others that have overcome their own hardships and it makes me stop and reassess my own.

Like most of us, I often feel the pull of my own “misfortunes” and they can derail me from life’s true joy. But it is important to remind ourselves that smaller lives than ours deal with bigger challenges. And therefore we need to muffle our moans and get on with it.

My cats are perfect mufflers … their love and endurance inspires me. Find yourself a muffler or two. They can make life so worth the living.

… just a thought!