Tiny Joys

I was in the middle of weeding yesterday. The yard has been quite wild forever and while I am really happy to have ferns growing all over the place, these last few months have seen them overtaken with an assortment of nasty vines and tall grasses.

So for the last few days I have spent a couple hours each day doing manual labor (which I hate) and begrudging most of it along the way.

My Dad used to love gardening and the property at Rosmadda was impeccable. It was a testament to his love for taking care of it.

Similarly, mine is also a testament. A testament to someone who avoids going into his yard at all costs.

In any event, as I am pulling and sweating and generally hating life, I spotted a tiny little frog clinging to one of the vines and obviously wishing I was back inside, ignoring the yard again.

She wasn’t any bigger than my finger-nail and I took a few pictures and have them at the end of this blog for you to check him out. I hope you find her as cute as I do.

Hope you enjoy.

The fact that I paused in the middle of something that I found miserable, and managed to find something so peaceful and sweet, made me realize that in so much of this life, peace and joy is where you find it.

It is easy to get lost in the weeds of life, pulling and pushing and consumed in each misery that grabs us.

But sometimes, we have to stop with the misery and look around us. We need to find that little something that we can recognize as being a good part of our moment and focus on it until it restores a little balance in our lives.

Even in the hardest of times, there is always something. We just need to stop struggling long enough to find it.

And it doesn’t need to be something huge and important. It doesn’t need to fully counterbalance the shit we are going through.

Its role is not to overcome the hardship that we find ourselves in. Maybe it won’t even turn our day around.

But at the end of the day when we rest our head on the pillow, we can cast our mind back to that one little joy that made life worth living today.

I called her “Joy” and she was my little moment . Such a sweetheart.

… just a thought!