Yesterday was a simply a divine weather day here in Florida. It would have been impossible to design one that improved on what we were presented with.

The week itself was fucking dire, so the decision to walk away and head to the beach was about as easy a decision as I have ever had. We made Honeymoon Island the destination of choice and got there just after the Friday morning rush hour was over. That translated into a pretty small number of cars in the parking lot and there were several moments that followed where we had a section of the beach to ourselves.

I took a number of shots along the way and I have included a number at the end of this blog that hopefully shows you the kind of morning we had there.

Hope you enjoy.

In the meantime, the thought for the blog today actually occurred to me while I was there. The contrast between the week I had been experiencing and the life that existed just a few miles away made me realize that it is often in our own power to effect a change in what we are experiencing.

More often than not it is our choice to keep engaging in the battle that consumes us and we mostly do so because we are hoping to somehow win (or at least reduce the loss). But sometimes we can’t really do either and we just have to take the kick in the balls and walk away.

I am not saying that we immediately take a loss and walk away. But I think it is appropriate to take stock of how deep the fight has become and what we are doing to our loves in the process by staying in it.

None of these fights (even the ones we win) leave us without scars and often affect not just us but everyone around us.

In my instance, the poor kitties have barely seen me this week as I have being wrestling with the shit falling in on me. And when they have seen me, I have generally been in a low or even bad mood.

That they still love me at all is testament to their willingness to put up with all my human frailties … bless their little hearts.

So, when we engage in a battle, we must be cognizant of what is happening around us. It is easy to focus purely on the fight itself. We try to win. We try to stop the blood flow. We try to mitigate the loss. Whatever we are trying, we give up something else that we aren’t trying to do.

Those who love us, tend to lose our battles alongside us and we need to be aware of that. They feel our hurt and pain and sometimes, they even lose more than we do because after the loss, we find a way to recover, while they are left in the hurt on something they had no recourse to affect.

I guess what I am trying to say is that yes, we should fight and resist within reason. But be aware that beyond the fight itself, we have so much more to lose.

… just a thought!