24 Little Hours

“What a Difference a Day Makes” was a huge disco hit for Esther Williams in the mid-seventies, It’s one of those catchy songs that rings in your head and gets stuck until you find something new to turn your mind to.

Last week in Ireland, we took a trip to Doolin on the west coast of Co Clare and drove up the coast road but we were inundated with rain and wind the whole time. Although the desolation had some attraction, the weather made even just getting out of a car a challenge and the resultant photos looked nice but bleak.

With a dry start to the following day, we decided to return to the exact same coastal route and see what a difference the new day might bring.

It was really quite a contrast and firstly here are three views of pretty much the same shots from day one to day two.

Isn’t it quite remarkable?

It was a wonderful drive and on day two we got to see the Arran Islands off in the distance which was awesome. There was nothing at all in view the previous day.

For anyone planning a trip to Ireland, the coastal routes that we have been on this year, which are called the Wild Atlantic Way, are a genuine must-see treasure. Not to be missed!

I have put a collection of shots from day two here at the end of the blog. Hope you get to enjoy!

It was a wonderful vindication of something that I have thought for years. That no matter the number of failures, we should “never” give up; particularly while there is still a real chance of success.

Yes, there are definitely times when acceptance of failure is the correct option. But it should be a final and reluctant option and come on the heels of many genuine attempts to succeed.

In this instance, success was achieved within 24 little hours, so the validation came swiftly.

But oftentimes, it takes many attempts before our efforts are rewarded.

There are some people that seem to go through life with an extraordinary first-time-success rate. But the rest of us suffer through life with varying degrees of success/fail.

Indeed there are many times when all we encounter is failure. And as disheartening as that is, we just need to push through and try again.

I can’t tell you the number of times I have wanted to give up. I think this is a very natural response and I am sure I will fight it again many times in the future. But the sweetness of an eventual success is often directly linked to the number of failures beforehand.

After the most bruising of days I will always lay my head down on the pillow and imagine that tomorrow will bring a better day.

Often times, I am wrong. But sometimes, tomorrow brings a clear blue sky and a success that sweeps in with the winds of change.

… just a thought!