Late night pic

Found myself in the company of some fun people on Friday night and when we can across some abandoned sand castles at Siesta Key, I asked them to imagine themselves as Gargoyles while a light source ran rampant behind them.

Not my normal nature pic I know, but hopefully this will help brighten your week!

All the best and remember … we’ve made it through Monday already!

Beyond a glance

Sometimes we get so busy that we give the beauty around us no more than a passing glance.

I found myself standing amongst roses yesterday, breathing in the most wonderful of smells and allowing myself to get lost in the whole world of beauty around me. What I love most about catching some of this with the camera is when I get back to the PC and get to see the “inner world of beauty” that my naked eyes can’t see.

I just thought I would share with you and wish you a wonderful week. Try to make time to stop and smell the roses.