Final Blog

It was a really foggy start to the day and long before it burned off and gave us some blue skies yesterday, we went down to Circle B onto the Marsh Rabbit Run trail.

Our timing was perfect, because we got there before most people and were out of there before all the Sunday crowd hit.

While the images I got don’t have the normal blue sky feel to them, I did manage to get a few decent shots. Apart from all the usual suspects, there was a gorgeous Painted Bunting (that’s a rare sighting for me!), a distant shot of a bald eagle, and some Tilapia drinking in some carbonated air.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy. They are at the end of this note.

This is my final blog and while I will occasionally add some trail images here, I won’t attempt any more of my dumb thoughts that get inspired by them. I am withdrawing from much of life as I have done a lot of self reflection lately and don’t like what I see.

Stay safe and enjoy the trails.