I got to finally show off my favorite trail to one of my favorite peeps yesterday! Jax and her daughters accompanied me on an early morning trail at Circle B that took us down by Lake Hancock.

It was a perfect day made more perfect (a conflicting absolute) by the company I had with me. Apart from just seriously enjoying the company, they also had me look at things in a slightly different way, stopping along the way looking as insects that I had already passed out, plants that were seeding, and examining the minutia of fallen seeds that glistened on the green-leafed waters.

We had a wonderful time and got to see lots of the familiar faces along the way. Herons, Ospreys, Hawks, Gators, Egrets, etc. They were all out in numbers and there was one moment in particular where everywhere around us, someone was taking off or splashing in the water. The senses went into overload.

Anyway I took a bunch of images and have attached most of them to the end of this blog. I say “most” because there was one sequence I shot of a hawk that I will hold for a separate blog over the coming days. Stay tuned!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy.

The thought for the blog today actually came from circumstances around myself. We all look for things that make us special or make something about us special. It helps us feel a little more significant than we actually are.

I was born under a full moon on March 16th. So, I often say that one day later and they would have called me Patrick.

Then today I realized that a day sooner and I would have been born on the Ides of March. Which is kinda cool. I am sandwiched between two very important days in the calendar and given a bonus of a full moon, even.

Wouldn’t you think that would make you special?

Unfortunately I am just a nobody and despite all these possibilities to have become someone, I managed to make sure that I didn’t.

I remember that old movie sequence where Marlon Brando moans that he “coulda been someone. Coulda been a contender.”

And it is reasonable to moan at ourselves about things we did wrong or opportunities missed, or plans that came out badly. There is a realization attached to those actions that involves self-examination and that is always a good thing.

Sometimes though it is important to realize that not everyone can be a somebody. Being a nobody is not the worst thing to ever happen to someone.

Not everyone can be a contender!

… just a thought.