Yesterday on the trail

When the camera opens up a view on things that seem to be completely hidden from the naked eye … that’s when you have to stop and ask yourself are you even really looking in the first place!

In fairness, the drops in these images are so miniscule that they almost didn’t exist. But I am happy that they do exist and that I am able to share them with you to help start your week off in the right vein.


It wasn’t the most spectacular sunset ever but there was something very serene in the warm orange glow as the sun melted behind the clouds, over at Honeymoon Island on Friday night.

I thought I should share in hopes that it adds a little color to the week ahead for you!

A very deer friend

She sleeps in my yard now most nights, visits me several times a day, and the other morning (before I had my camera in hand), she walked her new born fawn across my back yard. I’ve begun a dialog with her and while I stay about ten feet back from her, she happily munches away while I tell her how beautiful she is.

As I head into another week, I wanted to bring a little innocent beauty into yours. Meet Mrs. Brisby, a very deer friend … and have a wonderful week!