Tension is rarely a good thing

… in the workplace, in the home, in social settings … tension is something that is generally frowned upon.

But yesterday I came across it while on a work break at Lettuce Lake. A flower from a Button Bush had fallen into the waters and while science can successfully explain away each resulting shape and shimmer, I choose to look at it with different eyes.

If I was the hundredth visitor to that specific place, I am confident in saying that I am likely the only one that took the time to truly examine the scene in front of me. And isn’t that a shame?

This wondrous world we live in is continually offering up moments like this if we only take the time to stop and open our eyes and hearts to them.

Stopping to smell the roses is a familiar theme to my emails, I know. But the reason I stepped away from the office was that it has been a grueling work week. Not a bad one but one filled with tension … and camera in hand, this is how I chose to relieve it.  

So strange to think that one tension helped to relieve the other!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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