Sunrise destination

From the car park to Lake Hancock is about ¾ of a mile and an hour before sunrise, the trail to the lake winds through an old oak forest. Even with a full moon over my shoulder this morning, its random disappearances behind clouds made for a nervous journey. Visibility was about ten or fifteen feet ahead of me and the occasional grunts and growls coming from either side in the darkness made me hasten my steps to lake’s edge.

I could kind-of make out the sky-line but, down on the ground, vision became almost entirely faith-based. Wild hogs, alligators, bobcats … the danger lay either side as the goal of catching the sunrise on the lake drove me deeper into the darkness. I heard the call of Osprey up ahead as they sensed the near arrival of dawn.

I was determined … mine were the first human steps on the trail this morning and my cobweb-covered face bore witness to that as I finally made it to the lake itself.

The sunrise was wonderful but those are not the pics I choose to add to this email. This little collection are near-darkness shots that my camera captured on my way there. Yes, the sunrise was my destination but sometimes the journey to our destination becomes the most memorable part of our experience.

Regardless of what you believe your destination may be, life is your journey and I hope you get to appreciate the journey this coming week!

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