Green is Green

We have seen a lot of rain over the last couple of weeks; it’s clearly rainy season here in Florida. Although my home office took a hit from a flash flood last week, my neighbors have lakes where once were yards and have running water in and out their front doors … so I shouldn’t complain.

But one thing this water does, with the summer heat and sunshine, is cause real tropical conditions to flourish all around. Immediately after each rain fall, there is a chorus of a million frogs in my yard alone and their noise could be a problem for light sleepers.

On the edge of my fern garden (sounds fancy, but it’s just ’cause I might be too lazy to mow it) there appears a small crop of tiger lilies around this time each year. The first one is probably no more than five feet from my office door. I take great joy in seeing their annual splash of red, orange and yellow competing with the overwhelming green of everything else around them.

So, I went out a few moment ago and took a couple of shots that I would like to share as they still have remnant drops from the most recent shower. I hope you like.

As I stepped back into the office I had this slight feeling of guilt that I hadn’t gone further afield in search of more interesting shots for this weekend’s blog. But then I realized that contrary to the popular myth, our own grass can be quite green enough, thank you!

Why is it that we always fantasize about foreign places or imaginary sights yet unseen? Don’t we realize that people living in those places are in turn fantasizing about the place we call home?

I live in Florida, one of the most natural and sought out destinations for visitors from all over the world. And yet, I can’t tell you the number of native Floridians who have openly fantasized about Ireland to me while ignoring the wonders of their own world here.

It is a genuine flaw within our makeup that creates dissatisfaction in what we have and makes us crave what we have not. It works to undermine any possibility of contentment that we could otherwise feel in our lives and full of regrets on our deathbeds for “not having seen more of the world”.

Human nature has many flaws, that if left unchecked, can ruin our lives. The happiest people I have met are those that are content with where they are and what they are doing. Happiness has nothing to do with power or money but everything to do with love … of our life, our friends and family, and our own little patch of green grass.

So as you go through the week ahead, try to remember that the next precious moment may only be a few feet away from your own door. Try not to step over it on your way to foreign lands …

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  1. Love this!!!! Ireland is certainly magical but, with the right eyes and attitude, walking out your front door can be too!!! Next time you have business on the Nature Coast, add some of our locations to your list!

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