Sunrise, sunset.

Yesterday evening, I wanted to celebrate my Mom’s passing (of a year ago) and so I chose to find a sunset, where I could float a candle that carried my thoughts to her.

It was to be a happy celebration of her life and not so much about the sadness of the loss. So I headed off to the eastern shore of Lake Parker, armed with cameras, candles, a board that would float, a note from Morgan, and a pen that would take care of my own words.

As I drove over there, I reminded myself that a couple of days ago I had just been on the western shore of the same lake watching the sun come up with a coffee (and camera, of course).

So, the first four pics here are of the sunrise and the second four are of the sunset. Hope you enjoy!

Once I got past the moment itself last night and my conversation was done, I drove back home and my mind drifted off the main matter of the evening and onto how different an experience sunset is from sunrise.

There are fans of both, so I would never mean to knock either, but by now I am definitely more appreciative of the former. In ways they can appear quite similar, colors, tones, shadows, but the mood is very different in my mind.

While sunset’s colors disappear into blackness, sunrise’s colors herald in whatever colors the day has in store for us. Blue skies, white clouds, green trees, and whatever else may happen.

So, shooting both from opposite side of the same lake really got me wrapped up in idea whole idea of the life cycle and it encapsulated the day as if it were a whole life.

If I apply this thought deeper into our lives, I look at the promise that each and everyone of us experiences as our sun breaks the horizon and ushers us into life. At that moment in time, our life could be anything.

We could be launching into a life of blue skies and sunshine or one with clouds, rain, and even an occasional storm. None of this is, of course, under our control and even though we can wear a hat or carry an umbrella, or stay inside in the air-conditioning, the day is still going to do what it will, without us.

So the degree of control we have is really only on how we handle the day, rather than the day itself.

There are those among us who feverishly worry and stress about there being too much sun or too much rain. They focus on the clouds on the horizon and worry themselves into a state of misery.

There are others who embrace the warmth of the sun, or the feeling of rain upon their skin and they adapt with either. They know full well that regardless, this day will eventually fade into darkness and they enjoy their day as they have it.

Some people focus entirely on the post-sunset moment. They devote their days to a belief that there will be an eternal day waiting for them once this sun has set. So they structure their day’s experience in order to fit with this ultimate promise.

There are even others who structure their day so that they can control and influence others into living their day in a prescribed way. Creating set rules, amassing stuff (wealth and influence), building walls on borders, and filling the day with hate and apathy.

Regardless of how we feel about our day, it will eventually have a sunset. How we have lived our day will matter little except to those who start their day tomorrow. Our children, loved ones, friends, and neighbors.

Will the fact that we had a day at all, impact positively on anyone of these, and will their day be richer for us having had our day?

If the answer is yes, then we spent our day wisely. If the answer is no, then we misunderstood what the sunrise was intended to bring us.

Regardless, it is one lake with two sides. The sun rises and the sun sets. Grab your canoe and paddle gently into it, being kind to your fellow canoers and breathing in your special day.

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