Mind cleansing

Last night’s dreams were anything but peaceful. You know the kind … stressful to the point where you wake up but you are still anxious.

So, after feeding the babies, I grabbed my coffee and camera and took off for the lake. I got there in time to witness the last of the night’s blues develop through twilight’s pinks and violets into the morning’s gold.

I hope you like the little collection of images at the end of this blog.

I wasn’t the only one there to witness the new day and from the lone guy in the canoe, to the two friends setting out to fish for the day, to the lady with her iPhone who pulled up behind me to make her own memories … we all said goodbye to the old and ushered in the new in our own distinct ways.

It all came sharply into focus for me that when it comes to cleansing your mind and beginning afresh, there is no single proven method. It really comes down to what works best for you.

But be you a canoer, a fisher, or an observer, arriving at a body of water in time to bear witness to Mother Nature’s daily miracle can be an amazing cleanser to whatever ills the night before threw at you.

Each new day brings a new opportunity to breathe in and open a new page on your life. Whatever goals we set for ourselves are right here in our pocket and each sunrise is the chance to shine a light on them to see if we can get them to take off.

This is probably the reason why sunrise is my favorite moment of the day.

Renewed optimism is fashioned with each defining horizon. My Mom used to call me her “Cockeyed Optimist” and these are the moments when I feel it the most. It is that time of day when I like to raise my coffee cup in memory of both my parents and commit to them that I will try to make the most of this new day in memory of them both.

Sometimes it helps to have a reason to dedicate the day. When we don’t feel so positive about ourselves, we can attach an importance to our loved ones and motivate ourselves forward to achieve something for them.

While it may not always work, it oftentimes does. And that’s enough for me.

I don’t need a victory every day but I sure as hell am going to try.

So whatever yesterday threw at you, wrap it up and put it in your box of memories. It has no play on your new day. Unless you actually broke your leg yesterday, then yesterday doesn’t limit one bit your ability to put your best foot forward and step out into the new world that started afresh today.

If you did break your leg yesterday by the way, feel free to use some of these images as a crutch and let your spirit run free along the shoreline of Lake Optimism. Today will be a better day. You’ll see!

2 thoughts on “Mind cleansing”

  1. Neville,
    Love the images and the sentiment.
    Capturing the canoe and the fishermen was especially thought provoking and oddly relaxing.
    I have had those type of nights and finding something to shake them off, as you say, works wonders – whatever it might be.
    Yesterday is gone so forget about it, tomorrow hasn’t come so don’t worry about it, today is here – so use it and enjoy it.

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