Sounds like something that might land on your sleeve after a particularly strong sneeze.

But no, apparently that is what these wonderful roadside flowers are that come to life this time of year all over Florida. They are wild, of course, and appear annually in a range of colors that run from white to violet through a sunning pool of pinks.

Although they are everywhere around these parts, most Floridians have likely never even seen one up close. They just appear as a smattering of color on the side of their road home. Perhaps even somewhere they can throw their old beer cans, plastic bottles, and empty fast food containers.

I was on my way home from meeting Carrie at lunch yesterday and first noticed them making their appearance on Swindell Road a mile or so from my house. Their numbers have only just begun to be noticeable and over the next few weeks they will dominate that stretch of road home, just as they do every year.

Excitedly I promised myself that I would come back later in the afternoon and take a few shots of the early arrivals.

I think it was around four when I found myself back down there, walking in the ditch and hoping not to step on a snake. Although in truth, the only real danger was tripping on the litter that these pickup-truck-environmentalists decided to leave behind for posterity. God bless their little brains … I mean hearts, sorry.

Anyway, I hope you like the images at the end of the blog. They don’t really do these little wonders much justice, but at least I managed to keep any litter out of view.

I walked back to the car, past the pair of ferocious rotweillers in one yard and the half dozen crazy pitbulls 50 yards beyond. They were all going ape-shit on me and except for the fences that provided some kind of barrier, I truly doubt I would have made it back to the car alive.

While keeping an eye on them, I briefly slipped on a glass beer bottle, but managed not to fall.

It was only on the drive home that I began to think about the types of people that think it is ok to pollute, in full knowledge of the problems they are causing.

Perhaps a hundred years ago people could be forgiven for “not knowing” but these people know. They just don’t care.

I hate these people and if I could make the rules, I would have these people gunned down on sight. The world doesn’t need them and their families will get over the loss. Who cares if they don’t anyway!

Though they do a lot of damage, thankfully their numbers aren’t that great.

On the opposite end of the spectrum are people like me. People who love the world we live in and try our best to absorb as much of it as we possibly can. We walk ditches, smell wildflowers and smile at the bees. One or two of us might even fantasize about being alone in an old warehouse with a handcuffed litterer, a six-pound hammer, and a 9mm. Ok yeah, and sheets of plastic.

Unfortunately though most people fall into the middle of this spectrum. They wait until they get home before discarding drink containers and fast food bags. But they drive home so mindlessly that they never even ask themselves what the pink blur was on either side of the road.

And not in a million years would they dream of pulling in and taking a walk in the ditch. God forbid, it might eat into their important sofa-time.

I guess what I am trying to say here is that you shouldn’t live your life mid-spectrum. So step to the left … there is plenty of space out here where I am. Life becomes so much more fulfilling and there are hammers for everyone!

… just a thought!