Treating Symptoms

I had just gone through a miserable weekend. Friday night was terrific but the rest of the weekend was dire in the extreme.

I resisted at every turn, determined to turn things around and each time all I achieved was failure.

So by the time I got out of bed this morning, I was truly determined to get the week off in the right vein. I don’t care what the gods had in mind for me, I was going to dial it all up a notch.

So, after all the babies had been fed and cared for, I grabbed a coffee, hopped in the car, and headed off down to Ballast Point to catch the sunrise. I had my A7 back from the repair guys (who did an amazing job btw) and I was going to make this Monday one to remember.

I was on the interstate before I realized I had this dull headache that wasn’t shifting, and my shoes were distinctly uncomfortable, and to add insult to injury the underwear that I took off the shelf weas clearly designed by a woman. Or at the very least a guy with tiny testicles.

Traffic for 5:45 on the interstate was horrendous. Where were all these people going at this time of the morning? Someone must have been giving away $100 bills on the corner of Westshore and Kennedy because everybody and his mother were heading down there at this ridiculous hour.

Eventually I got there and as I climbed out of the car, head pounding, limping with a sore foot, and plucking a wedgie, that’s when I noticed there was this one band of cloud in the sky and it was sitting exactly where the sun was going to come up.

I mean, seriously. For fuck sake … who is writing this script? The Marquis De Sade?

I took some pics for what they’re worth and the few that were worth sharing are at the end of the blog. I hope you enjoy … but seriously, look where the fucking cloud is!

As I was driving home that’s when the thought occurred to me that everything I tried to make better this past few days completely missed the mark.

So would I have been better off not trying at all then?

Well, actually the answer is no. And it is always no.

Because whenever we shy away from a challenge we let ourselves down. We are left wondering “what if” and we never know the answer.

But when we try and fail then at least we take some satisfaction from having tried.

Sometimes all we can do is treat the symptoms. We know before we start that we are not going to win, but by giving it our best and putting some effort in, maybe we end up with a loss that isn’t SOOOO bad. Know what I mean?

Every ill in our lives doesn’t need to be cured. Or at least we don’t always have to find the cure. Sometimes we just take a painkiller so that we don’t feel whatever has caused that headache.

Have we cured whatever the cause was? Hell no. But did we achieve something? Hell yes.

So when I got home, I took a couple of pain pills, changed the shoes I had on, and threw the underwear into the trash can. If I achieved nothing else today, it was that my little guys will not be exposed to such cruelty again by that pair of underwear.

… just a thought.