The thing about Lincoln, is that I love her to death and I crave her love back. But she doesn’t trust me … not even an inch.

Now, it’s possible that she knows me better than most and that her mistrust is therefore totally justified, but in reality she is the one that got trapped in the engine of my car as a kitten and traveled on a 20 minute journey in complete panic and terror.

If you aren’t aware of the story, the synopsis is that as I was walking into Walmart, I heard a little kitten’s cries from inside my car engine. The poor baby was so overheated and dehydrated and terrified, and disoriented … it took me an hour an a half to get her out and she bit and clawed for her life when I finally got her in my hands. By the time I got her safely back home to her mom, two things were set in stone: she had the name “Lincoln” and she would forever be terrified of me.

All of the eleven other cats have been warm and loving to me. Some even dote on me. One follows me everywhere and even sleeps on my feet in bed at night.

But she won’t allow me to get within three feet of her, under any circumstance.

I love her dearly … she has a wonderful character, climbs trees, catches little creatures, and plays endlessly with her sister, Everest. Mom, Daisy and the two daughters, Lincoln and Everest are nearly identical and I have huge trouble telling them apart.

The only way I can, is by looking at their behavior. Daisy is super loving and happy to let me pick her up, hug and kiss her. Everest climbs all over me (hence the name) and will meow at me when she wants me to rub her. Lincoln wants nothing to do with me.

Yesterday evening on my way up the back stairs, I saw Lincoln resting and she kept a watchful eye on me in case I suddenly leaped the 20 feet between us and caught her off guard. Until she saw me, her eyes were totally wide and normal cat-like, but completely stayed in hate-squint mode until I was gone back indoors.

Anyway, I put a few of the shots at the end of the blog and included one that I got of her early morning in the office today as she drank from the fountain. She is the only one that I ever see drinking this way, but she always drinks with her paw placed at the top of the fountain like that.


Anyway, she got me thinking about this whole trust concept this morning and that is what I wanted to express.

There is a saying that trust should be earned not given and it is amazing to me how few people even know that.

Whenever I hear someone lead off with a phrase like “trust me…” I immediately become suspicious. It is often followed by something like “… I won’t cum inside you” and the intent is clearly to disarm the other person’s natural suspicions and defense mechanisms.

What amazes me is the percentage of people that have their gullibility bar set so low that these simple words can persuade them to forego what the rest of us might regards as common sense.

There is a large number of humans that want to believe and they look for any reason to do so. They leave their logic at the door and step into a world where they are mislead, taken advantage of, and even having to take a Plan B the morning after.

Humans generally have the intelligence to know better, but look for an easy way to live their lives without having to think about what they are doing. They quickly develop a trust in leaders that are political, or church, or social and they allow these people to set the rules for them by which they live and behave.

In most cases they don’t even question the most insane of statements and just continue to blindly follow on a path to sheepish foolery. “And we’re going to the Capitol” the dotard says and all the sheep follow. Only they are so gullible they don’t even realize that the dotard isn’t there with them. He said he would be and he has their trust, so they blindly follow.

Only a moron could believe the depraved statements of a deranged lunatic and yet, humans have proven again and again that they will do so, rather than think for themselves. How do people like Putin in Russia, Maduro in Venezuela, Jong-un in North Korea, get the blind trust of millions that prop up their regimes?

The answer is very simple; laziness.

It is easier to believe what you are told than to question it. And political despots the world over rely on the laziness of their supporters to rule in the most lie-filled adventures ever.

Hitler nailed it when he said ” If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.”

Just look at today’s “Trump Won” contingent, if you don’t believe how true that is.

And if you can’t see the similarities in the way Trump has marshaled his sheep to the way Hitler organized his regime, then it’s time for a shearing because the wool is getting in your eyes.

In personal life or political life, in religious or in social life, the moment you start giving your trust without it being earned, is the moment you need to hit pause and ask wtf you are doing. Logic has left the building that houses your brain and you have allowed it to leave for a reason. If the reason is laziness, then don’t be surprised if you end up with a mouthful of cum and him saying “you are just so awesome, I couldn’t help myself. Best blowjob I have ever had”.

Do you know how many women are out there thinking they give the world’s best blowjobs?

Millions ….trust me.

Just a thought!