And some, you win!

Having just bitched about my own shortcomings and limitations in yesterday’s blog, I decided to continue with the good fight last night.

I have great difficulty in giving up on things and I am often the last one to give up the ghost after everyone else has long since left. Some would consider that a strength of character, others would call me stubborn. And frankly, I suspect it is the latter.

But for whatever reason, I found myself down at the softball fields on Walker Rd last night and even if I hadn’t gotten any decent shots of the lightning, I would still have considered the outing successful. There were some blasts of lightning there that just had to be seen to be believed, rippling across the skies above me and leaving me once again in awe of nature.

But as it turned out, I did get some decent shots and I have attached them at the end of the blog. None are photoshopped, not even the one with me in it. They are exactly as taken.

There was even one moment (picture 4 below) where the skies got so bright that it looked like a portal to another time dimension was opening up right in front of me. If a naked Arnold had appeared in the parking lot in front of me, I would not have been surprised.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy these even a fraction as much as how I enjoyed bearing witness to them happening.

I guess what it leads me to, by way of a blog thought, is that no matter how bad you are, how many times you fail, how the odds stack up against you, just never give up!

A victory may be just around the corner and if you aren’t there to see it, then your last experience will be that of failure.

We need victories. Defeats are a learning tool for us, but victories are our reward for that learning.

There are always moments that require us to step back and lick our wounds, but we need not to become consumed with the wound. We need to be consumed with the fight.

It is there to be won. And we need to be there to win it!

… just a thought!