All Creatures Great and Small

It was a last minutes decision. The day was perfect weather with mostly blue skies and a temperature that couldn’t have been dialed-up any better.

Circle B on our doorstep is a temptation at the best of times, so given the weather outside, it was a no brainer.

We took the trail down Marsh Rabbit Run and got to see all the usual suspects in all different sizes. Herons, Anhingas, Osprey and Hawks, were in abundance, as well as a number of really large Alligators and one or two babies.

I caught the sun disappearing behind a small cloud at one point and was thrilled to be able to stare up at it without fear of going blind.

True to form, it proved a bad day to be a fish, once again. Felt really sorry for the poor catfish that delivered some technically great shots, right in his final moments. Poor little guy.

Anyway, they are at the end of this blog. Hope you enjoy.

The variety of wildlife at places like Circle B played into my thoughts this morning as I sat down to think of the blog.

Everyone there has their place in the order of things. And nobody seems too bothered at how bad life is or how many wishes they have for a better one. They just breathe in their moment for as long as it lasts, knowing that they don’t have too much say in when that moment might end.

They do their best with what they have. Bring in new life when they can and give up theirs when they have to. They care, feel, probably even love, and they build their lives to be what they are, with the skills and characteristics that allow them to do so.

They aspire only to fill their potential and not to be what they aren’t.

It is highly unlikely that they spend a lot of time thinking about their next life or even their next day, for that matter.

I doubt that they take for granted that there will even be a next day.

They live in their moment.

We can learn an awful lot from animals, you know.

… just a thought.