Stay on trails; by ordinance

That’s what the signs were warning, as I navigated another trail under Florida’s almost ever-blue skies.

I am sure the sign-creators were well-intentioned when they established these ordinances but they didn’t allow for the fact that sometimes we get tempted by the intriguing promise of some distance colors.

I was near the end of yesterday’s journey when I spotted a distant smattering or orange and red among all the green and  what I believed to be a Viceroy Butterfly flitting in amongst the colors.

And so I broke the rules, wandering off into the long grass, oblivious to the threat of snakes or whatever else might lurk beneath my feet.

I hope you like these little images from my illegal adventure but it made me think that sometimes life is like that; you have  to step off the trails, break the rules, and take the risk. The reward isn’t always guaranteed and sometimes you do come across a snake-in-the-grass. But that is what makes it a risk in the first place.

Have a wonderful week!!

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