Changing focus

My girls and I have come up with a lovely way to visit with my parents now that they are both gone. It isn’t a sad moment, but rather a way to remind ourselves of the love and memories we so took for granted while everyone was still here. Today being their anniversary, we lit candles, wrote messages, and set them out to float at the spot where we spread their ashes.

I took these two pics this morning of the exact same scene just with a different focus. I was hoping to capture the story of how sometimes if we change the focus of how we reflect on life ( or those we have lost) that we can develop a different appreciation of our time here. It is too easy to get sad and depressed about the life we once had or the people we shared that life with. So I chose to focus on the happy memories of past love and a greater appreciation for the life I now have.

Anyway … just wanted to share the thought with you and hope that your new week is filled with happiness and the love of good friends and family!

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