Attention to the little details

… some people go through life only looking at the big picture. They rush past all the finer details that make this world such an intriguing and wonderful place. So this week’s message is a real “stop and smell the roses” kind of message ?

A couple of weeks ago I tore an ankle ligament on a trail and it has truly slowed me down. Unable to take my normal weekly trail adventure, I decided yesterday to limp my way through a flower garden here in Lakeland. I enjoy going there every few months anyway to check out what might be blooming but this weekend, my hand was forced.

Around me there was several photographers, doing shoots of people and using the gardens only as a prop. They were doing portraits shots, family shots, and one seemed to doing kind of model shoot. The inner me was shaking my head at their failing to take in the beauty of what they were standing in. Nature is more than a splash of color in a photograph or a backdrop to a pretty face …

I took myself in the opposite direction, delving into the fine details and soaking in the sheer beauty of each little droplet of moisture that reflected the vibrancy of the ecosystem around it.

By the time I hobbled back to my car, I felt at one with nature and all the richer for the experience.

I hope you like this little collection and that they help brighten your week a little.

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