Lines and Curves

So, it turns out that I did fracture my wrist last week. It wasn’t getting better since the fall and the pain was becoming too much to take, so I took myself off and got an x-ray yesterday evening. An “impaction fracture” is what they came up with and so I am typing this (slowly) with a splint on my left arm/wrist.

As if life wasn’t challenging enough lol

Anyway, before I took myself off for the x-ray yesterday evening, I lay down on the sofa as the pain was becoming a bit of a nuisance.

I almost never lie down. Unless I am heading to sleep in bed, that is. So, reclined there for a moment in a lying pose, I was given a different perspective on a room I have been in a million times over the past 17 years.

And what caught my attention immediately was the reflection of light coming through the patio doors on the manikins in place nearby.

“Manikins in the living room?” I hear you ask. It’s a long story but a dear friend gave several to me a couple of weeks ago and I haven’t yet sorted out their proper accommodations in the studio as of yet, so they have been keeping me company in the living room.

There are several of them, so it reminds me of that scene from the Steve Martin movie, The Lonely Guy where he has all these cardboard cutouts in his apartment to make it feel like he has real friends.

Is this what I have become lol?

Anyway, I digress … it was the reflections that made me stop for a moment and i looked at how the straight lines of the vertical blinds took on new life as they reflected in the curves of the manikins.

I took a few pics and have them at the end of this blog. Forgive me if you don’t see what I see, but sometimes simple things like this really grab me and give me pause for wonder and awe.

I get lost occasionally in this trance.

So, afterwards as I drove down to the medical place to get the x-ray, I thought a little about how the whole world, everything we see, is made up of lines and curves.

The lines themselves are very definite and create a definition that is very clear and absolute. While the curves create varied and sometimes chaotic shapes.

Our brains decipher all this and we see buildings, trees, people. But at the end of the day, everything is just a series of lines and curves.

Some of us are happiest in a world of lines. A world where everything is straightforward and clearly defined. It is a world with a clear direction and a definite path that is visible ahead.

Others enjoy the curves and they roll with the twists and turns that each curve gives along the way.

And sometimes we switch from line to curve as the moment fits and back again when things become too complex or chaotic.

In moments of chaos, we look for a simple clear line to help us exit so that we can find some peace or normality. And in times of boredom, we wander off the path a little to see where a new curve might take us.

Both are important and our lives have to have a balanced mix of lines and curves.

We need to have a solid base of lines that define the direction we are taking our lives in. These lines should be clear and well-defined with goals and hopes attached to them so that we can measure ourselves along the way to make sure we are on track.

But we also have to be able to follow a curve every now and then and explore some of the world that was not in our original plans. Curves provide a variety that some call the spice of life. They also help us redefine our path sometimes as we encounter a new direction that add something new into our life’s journey.

Just as the strong, simple, lines of the vertical blinds found new purpose in defining the curves on the manikins.

So, I guess what I am trying to say is this. Follow your lines as they will take you to your destiny, but occasionally step off onto a curve, just to make sure it is the right destiny for you.

… just a thought.