20 Minutes too much

I hadn’t been to Lettuce Lake in a while and figured I would treat myself today. So, I drove over mid-morning having taken care of the kitty chores at home.

There were quite a number of people there … I guess it was around 10:30 when I got there. It was a beautiful morning, temperature somewhere in the low 70’s and a clear blue sky overhead.

For those of you who have never been to Lettuce Lake, it has a lovely boardwalk that goes along the contour of the water and gives a peaceful (if not altogether wild) stroll without having to worry about tripping over something.

At Circle B, you have to keep one eye in the trees, one panning side to side, and one on the ground for fear of tripping over a tree root.

So Lettuce Lake is more stroll-friendly for sure.

Since COVID, the county has made the boardwalk one-way, which is a slight inconvenience but the distances aren’t so great that it is any big deal.

What stunned me today was the number of morons who were not only not wearing a mask, but were walking against the one-way direction and laughing out loud as they squeezed past the rest of us.

There was one patriot with a “stop the steal” shirt tightly across his over-sized belly that barely covered the concealed weapon squeezed into the waist of his ill-fitting shorts. I am guessing it was his family (there was five of them) that pushed through those of us heading in the right direction and only one of his clan was wearing a mask.

In fact, I believe less than a third of the folk there at all were wearing a mask and so I took the first chance to get off the boardwalk and return to the car. I needed to get out of there.

It is the least amount of time (about 20 minutes) I have ever spent at Lettuce Lake and frankly was 20 minutes too long.

I was sorry I went.

There are a few pics of juvenile alligators at the end of the blog but in truth, I wasn’t very much focused on taking pics. Enjoy!

As I drove home I was seething at the callous “I don’t give a shit” attitude of the red folk in this red state. It beggars belief that people can be so uncaring to the well-being of their fellow man.

They have swallowed the lies of the idiot governor and shout about their rights to not wear a mask if they don’t want to. And what about the rights to not die of COVID of the people they recklessly put in danger? Apparently the life the are “Pro” is not yours.

Anyway it all sparked a train of thought in my head that put me in a really bad mood by the time I got home. It extended into the whole “man’s inhumanity to man” phrase that Robert Burns coined in 1784 and was unsurprisingly factual to my head. I didn’t even debate it.

It was a simple fact. Man has coined the word humanity as if it is something good and yet we repeatedly show humanity to be evil.

Reckless uncaring is a selfishness that exists in so much of mankind that it is shuddering.

We aspire to be better beings than we are but repeatedly show our true colors. We are only kind when it suits us. When we get some benefit from it.

OK, not everyone. There are some truly good people out there but their numbers are low and their voices unheard.

They oftentimes shout about the rights of the poor, of the weak, of the disadvantaged. But their cries are drowned out by those shouting for their rights to kill, discriminate, and impoverish.

Their is no silent majority. I am sorry Mr Nixon. The majority is loud and uncaring. They have been fashioned that way from years of pandering and tolerating and their selfishness has risen to the surface.

Is it any wonder then that these same people practice their inhumanity on the animal kingdom? What was I thinking? They can’t even be caring to their fellow man.

I have no answer … I just hang my head in shame.

… just a thought.