Knowing all the secrets

Knowing all the secrets

Knowing all the wrongs

When left alone in darkness

Where does truth belong?

He stands before the mirror

The one within his eyes

He looks beyond the pale facade

And see through all the lies.

Alone he faced himself in dark

No other to impress

He knew all that he had done

No need to confess.

They only see the painted smile

The twinkle in his eyes

But they don’t hear his soul inside

They don’t hear his cries.

There he is for those that need

Shoulders strong and broad

Solid and dependable

But still inside a fraud.

A little boy so lost and tired

Yes, tired of being brave

Waits in vain for Mom or Dad

Waiting to be saved.

But life is what He’s made of it

A sadness truly earned

Pity not this silly boy

Or how it all has turned.

‘Cause at the very end we see

The prize of all our strife

Chaos reigns and dreams subside

Such was this boy’s life.