My Way

When I got up this morning, much of my day was already planned out and I was ready to roll right into it.

It was about 4:45 and I had just started my bowl of cereal, when Inna came out of the bedroom and looked forlorn after a night of dismal sleep attempts. Apparently she had only slept a couple hours and was now wide awake.

It only took me a few minutes to arrive at the conclusion that my own plans for a day with my cats, working on the PC in my office, was a non-starter.

I mean yes, I could have still done that, but (rightly so) that kind of day would prove a solid step in the disintegration of marriage. In any event, I enjoy the time with her, so I asked her if she would care to see the sunrise somewhere.

Within a few minutes we were on the way to feed and release the cats and then a few minutes beyond that, heading into Tampa on our way to the pier at Ballast Pointe.

The sunrise itself was somewhat muted. A band of clouds hugged the horizon and made things difficult for anyone with a camera. But it did give a warm glow to the morning start.

Having Inna with me brightened the experience considerably. Yes, there is a wonderful aspect of getting cool pics when you are out on your own. But having the person you love with you, doubles the joy and gives your purpose there much more meaning.

We did get one cool pic in particular that I liked. Kinda sinister, or foreboding even. Here it is:

Anyway, the rest of the shots worth keeping are at the end of the blog. I hope you enjoy.

The thought that I was left with (hence this blog), when all was said and done was how sometimes we set our own plans and map out a direction that we decide to follow. But then an outside influence comes along and spins our idea in a different direction.

At that point we can stick to our original plan and do things the way we had initially decided, or we can open ourselves to that influence and see where the new direction takes us.

There is no real answer to the dilemma. No simple “always” or “never” in the answer.

Sometimes the initial plans are good and sticking with them gives us good affirmation that our initial idea was solid. Conversely, if we stick with them and they turn out badly or are merely a dud, then we only have ourselves to blame.

Sometimes modifying the plans due to an influence or a change in parameter takes us on a new exciting venture that is much better than the original idea we had. Other times, not so much and we regret not having done what we originally setout to do.

When something else appears in the mix and we try to determine if we should stick or twist, there are a number of reasons that extend well beyond the plans themselves that we should consider. For example, there might be other people involved and their preferences might be different to your own.

Or perhaps (like me yesterday), just exploring a different option with someone in whose company you enjoy, is enough. Whether or not it results in a better or worse result.

Sticking to our plans, regardless, is admirable when you are working on your bucket-list and feel that death isn’t very far away. But other than that, there are many reasons to afford your moment a flexibility that takes you in a different direction.

Doing everything “My Way” was a good Sinatra song in the late 60’s but the reality is that the best way isn’t always mine.

… just a thought.