Picking the moment

It was one of those near perfect Floridays yesterday without a single cloud in the sky and a temperature in the upper sixties. Totally perfect for a day on a trail.

The fact that it was a Monday was irrelevant to my decision and I know I should have been working. But an afternoon on the trail with my nature buddies was the therapy that was needed and I took it.

Being with nature on such a beautiful day was absolutely therapeutic and though we were there at an unusual time (normally early morning) we still got to see a lot of familiar faces.

There were several highlights but the one that meant the most was probably seeing the bald eagle. He flew past us a couple of times although most of his time was spent quite a distance away in the sky and my camera was just about able to find him.

Anyway, I put a number of pics at the end of the blog and I hope you enjoy!

The idea for the blog from this trail-adventure was quite a straightforward and simple one. Yesterday was all about picking the moment and then acting on it.

It would have been easy to convince myself to stay at the PC and though I used several arguments as to why I could leave (it’s the end of the year, there isn’t much happening, the weekend was cloudy and rainy, next weekend I might be too busy, etc.) I didn’t need to have a reason.

The moment was there. I just needed to take it.

In life we get a lot of those instances. Some of them are opportunities and I have written about that before. But not everything has to be about benefit and loss or possibilities and regrets. Sometimes it boils down to a simple “does this feel like a good idea?”

Yesterday did for me. And I was right to go with it.

But you know what, even if I was wrong, who gives a fuck? These are our moments. This is our life. We get to either choose or ignore moments and life goes on regardless.

Picking the moment is all about experiencing life in our own way. There is a lot of opportunity to live your life the way someone else tells you. But so much of life is about us/ourselves. We come into the world and exit the world on our own. We experience pain and disappointment on our own. We experience joy and love on our own. Yes, I know others feel those too but our feeling is OURS and we experience that feeling based on a moment that we have chosen.

There has been a lot spoken and written of the meaning of life and many of us will disagree on what it is all about. I like to think of it as a chaotic happening that by itself, means absolutely nothing. But as part of the bigger picture, it plays its part in a meaning that maybe we don’t even need to understand.

But regardless of its meaning, our individual lives are built around moments, good and bad, happy and sad.

Our experience is filled with many things but the underlying feeling we get is from the moments that we live through.

Picking one and doing something with it is one of the rare pieces of our life that we get to control.

… just a thought.